"The Butterfly Ring" is a revolutionary new line of seven collectible high quality fashion dolls with unique, motivating stories created to inspire women to feel great about becoming women, both personally and professionally.

     Unlike the wholesome image of the 40-year old Barbie, the new 16" collectible dolls, with strikingly life-like appearances will be more like everyday real people.

     The seven doll collection, features play dolls with stories modeled after smart, fashionable and talented women who are eagerly working towards creating the lives they want -a Hispanic doll (Valentina), African-American (Tasha), Asian (Koko), Italian (GiGi), English (Stephanie), German (Jaclyn) and Irish (Erin).

     Each doll comes with it's own unique story and real-life challenges ranging from conquering ones inhibitions, overcoming insecurity and improving self-identity to overcoming loneliness or the struggle with obesity or stuttering. And this is only the beginning, as the line progresses, secret pasts will be revealed to further describe how each overcomes life threatening and psychologically devastating situations through their unique, supportive relationships with each other.

     Every doll is 16" of collectible vinyl with trademarked crystal gems in their eyes, rooted hair, signed with a certificate of authenticity, their own unique story booklet, butterfly doll stand, and beautiful butterfly necklace pendant designed only for collector's to be part of the Butterfly Ring™. All have stockings or pantyhose, panties with embroidered butterfly and their own gold or silver tone butterfly charm.

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